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Economic Development Grants

By Reigniting The Greek Entrepreneurial Spirit We Can Unleash A Wave Of Innovation And Creation And Transform Ideas Into Successful Businesses.

Igniting a new generation of heroes

Entrepreneurs are critical to economic recovery and renewal — they are creating opportunity today and providing role models to change the hopes and aspirations of a new generation. By reigniting the Greek entrepreneurial spirit we can unleash a wave of innovation and creation, slowing the “brain drain” of young professionals by giving them a reason to stay in Greece and transform ideas into successful businesses.

Greece can grow its way out of this crisis, but growth requires vision, capability and capital. Amidst the troubling headlines and statistics, there are viable businesses that can grow with our collective investment, creating jobs and delivering solid returns for investors. And there are visionary leaders eager to build companies and indeed an economy on stronger, more sustainable foundations. THI is investing in the future by supporting two initiatives that promote near-term job growth while laying the foundations for long-term strategic development:

The Hellenic Investment Fund is an impact investment fund targeting a “double bottom line” of investment returns and job growth. The fund will provide growth equity to small and midsized companies that are the backbone of the Greek economy and whose success is critical to fueling its recovery. Many THI board members are anchor investors, but it is a standalone, for-profit fund and THI will have no management or investment authority.

Since inception, THI has directly invested $12.5 million in Greece through 96 grantees focused on economic development, entrepreneurship and job creation.

$12.5 million

In Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

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