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The number of trees planted since March 2022 with 7,383 planted this year only.

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The Diaspora Answers The Call
For Wildfire Relief

In the Summer of 2021, Greece was ravaged by severe wildfires which damaged over 125,000 hectares (300,000 acres) of land, the most severe wildfires in Greece since 2007.

The Hellenic Initiative launched a wildfires campaign to response to the crisis and raised over $550,000 from 4,500 supporters in 47 countries.

THI allocated these funds to three restorative projects, including $100,000 dedicated to reforesting damaged land. And the idea for Plant a Tree in Greece was born.



In 2021, approximately 125,000 hectares of forest and arable land were burnt during the worst fire season in Greece since 2007.



Fires were responsible for 63% of tree cover loss in Greece between 2001 and 2022.



The amount of money raised by THI as a response to the wildfire Crisis.



Number of Countries supporting Greece through THI Plant A Tree Program.

Global Goals

The Plant A Tree In Greece Program

In May 2022, THI launched an ongoing and worldwide campaign.

Plant a Tree in Greece offers Greeks of the Diaspora and Philhellenes the opportunity, to purchase a tree for $25 to be planted in Greece. The trees will be planted to restore, re-balance and re- forest the natural environment from the damage of the wildfires, as well as to restore and support livelihoods destroyed by the fires.

Trees can be planted for any occasion, to mark a life event, or to celebrate and support our roots and the country that gave us our heritage.

Large programs of 500 trees ($12,500) or more may be customized in partnershio



Our goal is to plant one-hundred thousand trees in Greece

Our Partners

The Plant A Tree In Greece Program

THI has partnered with organizations on the ground in Greece for the planting of the trees:

Formed in 2018, We4All is an award-winning nonprofit organization that engages in tree planting, re-forestation and other ecological initiatives In Greece. We4All engages in corporate responsibility programs for companies such as Eurobank, EY, AstraZeneca, Coca Cola and KPMG. To date, We4All has planted over 600,000 trees in Greece.

Other partners: THI is engaged in continuous dialogue with Greece-based public and private partners, with focuses on the environment, sustainable farming, etc.


Where We've Been Planting To Date

We've been active in planting trees in these areas.



The number of trees planted since March 2022 with 7,383 planted this year only.

Region Goals Trees Plantings
Evia / Regions of Rovies, towns of Limni, Papades, Kerasia, Skepasti, Ayia Anna, AchladiBeautification of Evia mountains with less flammable, erosion- preventing species and, replacement of farmers' olive orchards destroyed in the wildfires of 2021.Olive, Carob, Myrtles, Judas Trees, Cypress, Acacia, Arbutus, Sedge, Schinus.March 2022 (2,200 trees). January 2023 (7,500 trees)
Hymettus Mountain, Paiania, AtticaEnvironmental stability, as the mountain is one of the main sources of oxygen for Athens.Cypress, Carob, Acacia, bushes to assist local biodiversity, and automatic watering line.May 2022 (2,000 trees)
Island of Chios, Area of KalamotiRe-forestation of an area burned in the wildfires of 2019Pine, CypressMarch 2023 (500 trees)
Attika, VarympompiBeautification with less flammable, erosion-preventing species and re- forestation of a burned area.Cyprus, Carob, Acacia, bushesMarch 2023 (2,000+ trees)

Photo Gallery

Latest Activities

Below is a gallery of latest activities and events that have been held around the Plant a Tree