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The 1821 society

1821 marks the year that Greece began the campaign to gain its independence from the Ottoman Empire. With help from Greeks in the Diaspora and Philhellenes, that independence was achieved.
The 1821 Society has been founded by The Hellenic Initiative as a new “Philiki Eteria” (the secret society founded in 1814 by Diaspora Greeks to fight for Greek Independence). As modern- day Diaspora Greeks, we are as committed to that freedom for Greece as our ancestors ever were. Today, that cause means helping Greece rebuild its economy, reversing the brain drain, and addressing Greece’s humanitarian needs. We are also committed to passing down the fullness of our Greek legacy to the coming generations, by connecting global Hellenism through the 1821 Society. By joining, you honor the memory of your ancestors, and help the next generation of Greeks who are committed to finding solutions.
Members’ generous annual contributions help sustain organizations and NGOs in Greece working for the Greek people and fund programs throughout the calendar year. Members also have access to special programs and functions of The Hellenic Initiative, and it is hoped will renew their commitment to the Society on an annual basis. The giving levels for the 1821 Society are listed below.

The Hellenic Initiative exists to secure Greek civilization and culture and pass them down to the next, and future, generations.

Your philanthropia enables support for the people of Greece in need and provides a vital legacy link to the heritage that we all want for our children.

Thank you for empowering THI to keep the flame alive.

1821 Society members

Angelique Fiorini Alexos
Constantine Vasilios Alexos
Justinian Theodore Alexos
John Anderson
Thomas Constance
Olga Karakada
Fr. Alex Karloutsos
Leah Kats
Nicholas Navab
Thomas Navab
John Aristotle Phillips
Dr. Georgios Sabatakos
Peter and Aphrodite Skeadas
Nick Tsismenakis

Dear Friends, Hellenes, and Philhellenes alike:

For those of us involved with THI from its inception 12 years ago, it is gratifying and humbling to reflect on the impact our philanthropic efforts have had on the economic development of Greece and social well-being of the Greek people.

THI has trained and placed thousands of earnest, bright, hard-working young people into permanent jobs in Greece and we have come to the welfare of thousands in search of basic home needs. And all of this was possible because of the deep and abiding Hellenic spirit that lives and thrives in our diaspora, among Philhellenes worldwide, and with our brothers and sisters in Greece.

It is, after all, the philhellenic spirit in Western Europe in the early 1800s, symbolized by the poetry of Lord Byron, that initiated the crucial diaspora support in Greece’s 1821 fight to freedom. Hellenism is not a geographic term, but indeed a way of living, and is alive and well.

Notwithstanding the support of so many already, we have much work to do in bringing the world diaspora of Greeks and Philhellenes into the model THI has created. And for that reason, we have launched the 1821 Society Annual Membership Campaign, and the flagship of the 1821 Society is the Lord Byron Circle.

As co-chairpersons of the 2024 1821 Campaign, we invite you to learn more about the Lord Byron Circle activities. The members of this Circle not only will provide leadership and guidance for THI’s philanthropic efforts, but we promise that the annual programs provided to Lord Byron Circle members will be unique and meaningful.

The spirit of 1821 lives. Come see for yourself, come join our efforts, experience the joy of having a meaningful role improving the lives of the Greek people.


George Anderson   Father Alex Karloutsos
George P. Stamas   Peter J. Poulos   Andrew N. Liveris
2024 Lord Byron Circle Co-Chairs

Artemis Kohas   Mike Manatos



In honor of history’s greatest philhellene who inspired, funded, and fought in the Greek revolution.


  • Annual exclusive, members-only gathering at world-class venue with insider access to top-level Hellenes and Philhellenes. Intimate two days to include organized discussions, networking lunches, receptions and dinner.
  • Annual THI Board Retreat weekend.
  • Bimonthly online talks with some of the world’s greatest minds.


2 year membership


In honor of the diaspora secret society that sparked the Greek War of Independence.





The Lord Byron Circle

The Lord Byron Circle, named for history’s greatest Philhellene, is led by Board members of THI. It is a unique opportunity to interact with some of the most influential and innovative members of our global Diaspora community. In addition to all 1821 Society Experiences, Lord Byron Circle members are invited to participate in regional fundraising dinners globally as well as other bespoke experiences.

1821 Society Experiences: Events, Tours, Visits

Ypsilanti, named for the greatest general in Greece’s War of Independence, and Lord Byron members will have access to unique opportunities in Greece created by THI. These may include special events and visits such as bespoke tours to the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Benaki Museum, the National Observatory of Athens, and the Gennadius Library and other visits throughout the Hellenic Diaspora globally.

1821 Society

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